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Rotuaarin Apteekki is more than just a pharmacy; we are here to help you achieve a better quality of life. We work for a happy and high-quality life every day. We have service point and in Hailuoto, where you can buy over-the-counter products.
Service point

Pickup locker

We serve our customers at Rotuaarin Apteekki online pharmacy, where you can take care of all your pharmacy needs in one go. The online pharmacy offers prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, and other self-care products. Prescription medicines must be ordered online using an electronic prescription.

When you order from our online pharmacy, you can choose the pickup locker as your delivery method. The pickup locker is located in the entrance corridor of K-Supermarket Pekuri. We will deliver your order to the pickup locker, where you can pick it up at a time that suits you. You will receive a code in a text message to open the locker door.

Rotuaarin apteekin noutolokerikko Kauppakortteli Pekurissa.

Home delivery

We offer a home delivery option for online pharmacy orders. With the Rotuaarin Apteekki online pharmacy, you can handle all your pharmacy needs in one go. The online pharmacy offers both over-the-counter and other self-care products and prescription medicines.

For the delivery method in the online pharmacy, you can choose home delivery on weekdays. Our driver will call you before the order is delivered to arrange a suitable delivery time with you. Click here to see the home delivery prices.

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Automated dose distribution

Rotuaarin Apteekki offers its customers high-quality dose dispensing service. This service is subject to a fee. Automated dose dispensing improves the success and safety of medication management. Medicines are delivered in dispensing bags for two weeks at a time. The automated dose dispensing service is suitable for people who use a lot of medicines or take medicines several times a day.

The benefits of automated dose dispensing:

  • Dose dispensing reduces medicine waste and, in most cases, medicine expenditures because, as a customer, you pay a unit price for the medicines you use rather than having to buy the whole package.
  • Your medication interactions will be checked at the start of the service, improving drug safety.
  • Timely use of medicines is easy when you follow the instructions on the dose-dispensed bags regarding when to take them.
  • We also offer a dose distribution service with a service voucher from the City of Oulu.
  • We also offer a dose distribution service with a service voucher from the wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia, Pohde.

Ask more at Rotuaarin Apteekki or use the contact form.

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Medication assessment

Do you have a problem with your medication? Do you suspect a medicine is causing a health problem or an unpleasant side effect? A medication assessment is used to check if the adverse effects that you are experiencing could be caused by the medication. Sometimes, a lifestyle change can cause a need to change the medication. A medication assessment is a service designed to support a doctor’s work. A pharmacist with specific qualifications carries out an in-depth assessment of the patient’s whole medication regimen. The assessment is presented in writing to the doctor in charge of the treatment, who makes decisions on potential medication changes.

The medication assessment includes, for example, whether the dosage and timing are correct, whether there are any overlapping medicines, whether medications meant for short-term use have been continued longer, and whether there are incompatible medicines or medicines that are unsuitable for use by the elderly. In addition, adverse medication loads, and other possible adverse effects are assessed based on the symptoms experienced by the patient. The assessment is based on an interview with the patient, medication records, laboratory results and medical records.

Medication assessment aims to ensure the safe, appropriate, and economical use of medicines. Ask for more information about the service at our pharmacy or use the contact form.

Palvelumme asiakkaille. Lääkehoidon arviointi parantaa lääkehoidon turvallisuutta ja tehokkuutta.

Medication review

A medication review is always performed when a prescription medication is bought. We compare the new medication purchase with previous prescription medication purchases made at the Rotuaarin Apteekki. Medicines purchased elsewhere cannot be automatically included in this check. We ensure that the new medicine is suitable for use with other medicines in use. We have a “Medication Database for the Elderly,” which warns about the most common medications that cause problems for the elderly. This increases the safety of the used medication.

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Prescription renewal

You can submit an electronic prescription renewal request to public health services when you talk to our pharmacist. The renewal fee is €3.50 per renewal. This service is free of charge for regular customers. You can also request a prescription renewal in Omakanta. You can access the service on the Kanta services website and at omakanta.fi.

Our pharmacy also uses a fee-based Reseptori prescription renewal and telemedicine service. You can renew your prescription cheaply and quickly, in 15 minutes when you visit your pharmacy. The fee for a prescription renewal is €19.90. Your doctor will always decide whether to renew your prescription on a case-by-case basis. Antibiotics, narcotics, medicines which mainly affect the central nervous system (CNS) or medicines with a potential for abuse are not renewed through this service.

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Induction loop

In our pharmacy, there are three service point loops: two at the prescription dispensing points and one at the cash desk. This allows us to serve hearing aid users in a similar fashion as other customers while respecting their privacy. The service point loop is provided by Qlu.

Induktiosilmukka -palvelumme. Apteekissamme on kolme palvelupistesilmukkaa.

Schengen certificate

As a rule, medicines that affect the central nervous system must have a Schengen certificate if taken from Finland to other Schengen countries. A pharmacy can issue a Schengen certificate to a permanent resident of Finland. The certificate must be obtained from the pharmacy that supplied the medicine in question and is valid for a maximum of 30 days from the start of the journey.

For the certificate you need to take with you to the pharmacy:

  • Medicine packaging
  • The prescription for the medicine (not needed if you have an electronic prescription)
  • Travel document (a passport or an identity card)
  • A document stating your home address
  • Information on the length of your trip

In addition to Finland, the Schengen Agreement covers Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Malta.

A Schengen certificate costs €10.


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Pharmaceutical waste

Out-of-date or otherwise unused medicines are hazardous waste. Their disposal requires special treatment. Household pharmaceutical waste can be brought to the pharmacy for disposal free of charge, and we will send it to a hazardous waste facility for disposal.

Sort your pharmaceutical waste:

  1. Remove labels containing personal data from the packaging for data protection reasons.
  2. Remove tablets from their original packaging (cartons/jars); tablet strips can be as they are. Pack them in a transparent plastic bag.
  3. Leave medicinal creams, aerosols, and liquid medicines in their original packaging.
  4. Bring cytostatic drugs in their original packaging, separate from others.
  5. Pack iodine-containing medicines separately (iodine tablets, Betadine).
  6. Place used needles in a plastic juice canister, for example, and dispose of them in mixed combustible waste collection. Empty syringes are also disposed of in mixed combustible waste collection.
  7. Pack mercury-containing thermometers separate from other pharmaceutical waste. If the meter is broken, it must be packed tightly.
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